2:15 pm – Paul Goldman
Cracked Open, What's Next?

Self Discovery and Finding Purpose

Have you been waiting perhaps all of your life for a profound life-changing experience? Maybe, if you are like me, you have hoped, wished and even prayed for something, anything to reveal your life purpose. I found out, that sometimes, you might want to be a bit more careful than I was in asking for what you most want. It seems as if I may have been too strident in asking to have my heart finally cracked open to love, so that this would be the guiding force in my own life. Fast forward to January 14, 2014 when I awoke from life-saving open-heart surgery, my heart having been literally cracked open. It took some months of post-surgery recovery and an attempt to reenter the work force, to seal the deal. My life’s work was to share the ecstatic poetry that has effortlessly flowed through my heart and fingertips the past seven years. There I was, only thirteen months after open-heart surgery, finding myself in the midst of publishing my third collection of ecstatic poetry, Upon Your Canvas, and embarking upon an eleven city Book Tour around the USA to share these messages of love, of hope and of awakening to one’s true potential.

1:30 pm – Laura Wynn 
Here For the Bacon; Building Relationships is as Simple as Making a BLT Sandwich

Personal Professional Empowerment

Laugh and learn as Laura Wynn shares her simple concept; BLT Networking. After this presentation, you will be able to:
 1. Quickly identify “Bacon” (immediate business) at professional events of all types and sizes!
 2. Learn why “Lettuce” is your best contact for long term business growth, and how to keep them!
 3. Instantly spot “Tomatoes” and gracefully avoid these networking time suckers and post event stalkers!
Laura’s style is smart, direct and engaging. Past audiences describe Laura as Sincere, Funny, Motivating, Informative, Empowering & Energetic

2:35 pm – Annette Billings 

The "During" of the Journey from "Before" to "AfterSelf" 

Weight Management 

This presentation, given by Annette Hope Billings, will the portray the experiences of a person still very much in the "during" phase of the battle against morbid obesity. From her position of someone successfully  still in the heat of battle, Annette will share insights of those who have many, many pounds to lose--or as she prefers to say, "pounds to evict!" As well as being a warrior headed to better health, Annette is a poet, playwright and actress--talents she will bring to this presentation.

5:20 pm – 1st Keynote Featuring Terry Lancaster
BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us

Terry Lancaster is the VP of Making Sh!t Happen. Speaker. Entrepreneur and Author of BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us.

Terry writes and speaks about marketing, entrepreneurship and personal performance, i.e. changing your life, making more money, and being better at what you do and who you are.
Health & Fitness for those of us without six pack abs. Wealth & Prosperity for those of us who are neither rich nor famous. Happiness & Joy for those of us born without a permanent smile on our lips.
We don’t have to be perfect.
We can be healthier. We can be happier. And we can be more prosperous. We Can Be BETTER!
Starting right now. Starting right where we are.
There’s plenty of people selling you get rich quick and get skinny quicker plans. Devices. Contraptions.
We’ve got plenty of people preaching willpower and motivation as the key to success when it turns out habit and focus are infinitely more valuable.

BETTER! shows you how to use the science behind habit formation to twist the dials on your life and see what makes you tick better. How you can improve your life one better decision at a time.

Exercise. Nutrition. Focus. Productivity. Gratitude.


3:40 pm – Kristina Crays 
Easy For You to be Happy & Healthy 

Relationship Empowerment

Choose to be happy. It can be that easy! Learn simple, safe, effective methods you can use anywhere and anytime to break the stress cycle that inhibits your body, mind, and soul from feeling healthy and well. Even the Declaration of Independence shouts we have the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Let's get to it!

  • Happiness is a "frame" of mind. Surround yourself with healthy, uplifting, nurturing things. 
  • Breathe: simple, effective breathing exercises to make each breath more beneficial. 
  • Eat well, be well/rest and digest: like a well-oiled machine, you can help your body and mind function at a higher, more optimal level.  
  • Hydrate before you caffeinate. 
  • Garbage in garbage out: What you watch, listen to, & read feeds your mind, imagination, and perceptions

4:40 pm – Kim Schimmel  
Time Wasted

Personal Development

Stop wasting time worrying about what others think, on past setbacks and struggles, and waiting for permission to live the life they are wishing for. Kim will tell her story through life experiences and breakthrough moments that have changed her life. Kim's mission is to inspire people to look at life through a new perspective and create the life they want. 

Kim will share with you 4 Steps to a Positive Change: 

  • Be Open to the Journey

  • Reprogram Your Thinking

  • Clear the Clutter

  • Take Action

Real Stories, Real People, Real Motivation

12:30 pm – Teresa Deaton 
Breaking the Pattern of Painful Relationships

Relationship Empowerment

Many people have been raised in dysfunctional families. I will speak about recognizing patterns of codependency, learning to recognize abusive and narcissistic people, and how to find your own voice in relationships with family, friends, and potential mates.  I will speak about removing the masks we learn to wear, refusing to accept less than we deserve, and reaching down deep to find our true purpose.

You will understand:

  • Authenticity
  • Relationships
  • Self-Worth
  • Stepping out of our comfort zone.  

Doors Open to the Public at Noon

420 Southeast 6th Ave, Topeka, KS 66607, (785) 234-5400

Click here for the Ramada Website

Ramada Topeka Downtown Hotel & Convention Center, Topeka, KS 

Until now The #LiveALittle Project has been an online peer networking community spreading the word about changing your life for the better by focusing on self transformation, getting healthy, getting happy, to stop making excuses, and to start living each day of your life just a little more. With over 900 members motivating, inspiring, and providing peer support to each other many lives have been changed in an amazing positive way.  Now The #LiveALittle Project is breaking away from just online resources and is host the very 1st #LiveALittle Project IRL (In Real Life) Symposium in Topeka, KS on November 21st, 2015 at the Downtown Topeka Ramada Hotel & Convention Center. The #LiveALittle Project's IRL Symposium is an absolutely free to attend event that gathers an extraordinary community of speakers that are change-makers and visionaries who are driven by real life experiences that have changed their lives for better – mothers, fathers, coworkers, leaders, husbands, wives and more. At the The #LiveALittle Project's IRL Symposium , attendees will receive powerful motivation, profound mind shifts, deep connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply their impact and change their lives .

Like an entire day of TED talks, The #LiveALittle Project's IRL Symposium speakers will share the hottest personal and professional development ideas of 2015 that will take participants’ lives to the next level.

The #LiveALittle Project's IRL Symposium is a non-profit event*; all profits are put back into making the event as memorable as possible and toward a cause supported by the The #LiveALittle Project members.

The #LiveALittle Project's IRL Symposium 2015

November 21st, 2015, Ramada Topeka Downtown Hotel & Convention Center

The Amazing, Motivating, and Inspiring Speakers

6pm - Keynote - Joey Little,

Founder of The #LiveALittle Project  

Finding One's Self Through a #LiveALittle Life 

Joey was unemployed, just over a year from being let go from his dream job as a rock radio morning show host in his home town of Topeka, KS. Joey weighed over 400lbs, was in a dead end relationship, extremely flakey, and overly bossy. Some would say a true jerk. Joey was a person suffering from lack of self love, no self worth, and zero self esteem. He needed to make a change but didn't know how. Joey faked his misery pretty good. His friends thought he was a huge positive guy always inspiring them, but when it came to it every roadblock he came across felt like someone had taken a big part of him, and set it on fire. Joey took everything personally and it was killing him. Worrying about what everyone else thought of him was magnified by a hundred. Joey played a big talker, but he was just a scared fat man. This continued for an additional three more years. His life continuing to fall apart. ​

Joey had seen the movie Shawshank Redemption at least 20 times. Every basic cable channel has shown it on a weekend some point in their existence. He loved the story line. The scene between Andy and Red when Andy was asking Red if he ever thought he'd ever get out of prison, "We Either Get busy living, or get busy dying". Those words cut him deeply. Which inspired Joey to create The #LiveALittle Project; an online peer networking motivating and inspiring group. Learn the 5 goals every member is asked to achieve in this amazing presentation from the founder himself. 

1:00 pm – Michelle Terry 

Lipstick & Laundry: Tackling Imperfection One Pile at a Time

Self Discovery and Finding Purpose

Michelle's LiveALittle presentation is dedicated to the mighty men and women (and boys and girls) who strive for daily perfection and beat themselves up when they fall short. We humans white-knuckle through life buried in stuff, careers, constant media chatter, and busy family activities all while pretending that perfection is attainable. We wear our exhaustion and crazy schedules like the Congressional Medal of Honor until our perfect bubble bursts. Like an ace pitcher, life isn’t afraid to throw a nasty curve ball with bases loaded. These times buckle our false sense of perfection: an empty gas tank, a missed school note,  laundry that breeds while we sleep,  and the wrong word used with the person you love the most. It’s those unintended mishaps that I want to laugh at, learn from, and celebrate. A happy existence requires a healthy dose of self-esteem, endurance, self-compassion. The need for balance is evident everywhere: family, faith, work, writing, sleep, exercise, and relationships. We know where our priorities are (or should be), but they get sidelined by self-imposed deadlines and non-existent boundaries. This talk is built upon a humorous framework to encourage audience participation and interaction. My goal is for people to laugh while they listen and know that they aren’t alone in their struggle for perfection. For a sense of her platform, feel free to visit Michelle's blog at http://mamamickterry.com

4:20 pm – Sheyvett Dinkens
Stages of Change


Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of the stages of change. While exploring the stages, participants will identify how to effectively make changes in their lives by considering the stages of change.

  • Presenting the Stages of Change
  • Discussing the Stages of Change
  • Reviewing Case Studies As Examples
  • Reflection and Processing the Stages of Change

3:20 pm – David Page 
Becoming an Overcomer 

Substance Abuse Recovery

My childhood to say the least, was extremely challenging. Addiction ran rampant, My mother and father were alcoholics and cocaine addicts. Violence and abuse were frequent, along with neglect until the age of 9. The search to belong, and seek comfort followed for the next 26 years of my life. How I shifted from self-pity, constantly being a powerless victim, blaming others, on top of being an active alcoholic, and heroine addict into living a life of purpose, self awareness, being a positive influence to others and being a productive member of society today. The power of controlling the controllable, changing my thought processes to creating influential intentions.